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There’s a good chance that you have experience with anal sex and that you already know the pleasure this can bring. To offer you an extra feature on top of the vibrations of a standard anal vibrator, Dream Toys created Isabella. This vibrating plug comes with a wireless remote control and an inflation function.

This inflatable and vibrating anal plug can be easily operated with the remote control. The plug is made of soft solid silicone and ABS, so it's body safe,free of latex and free of phthalates. With 3 vibration speeds and 7 rhythms and an inflation feature. You can inflate the plug during max 12 seconds. Inflation can be paused, and the stimulator can quickly be deflated. Operation is easy with 3 buttons on the plug, or with one button on the plug and 2 buttons on the remote control. Isabella is splashwaterproof and rechargeable with the included USB-pin cable.

  • Inflatable and vibrating anal plug
  • 3 Vibration speeds and 7 rhythms
  • Inflation max 12 seconds
  • Inflation can be paused
  • Quick deflation
  • Incl wireless remote control
  • Splashwaterproof
  • Rechargeable, USB-pin cable included
  • Length 13,6 cm
  • Width 5,6 x 4,5 cm

The Dream Toys collection Sparkling was designed with mature and adventurous women in mind, women who are in control and confident, but definitely not dull or predictable. Women who are experienced and love to explore! Sparkling women who enjoy life and get the most out of it, who love to take the roads less traveled. The design, functions and styling of the new Dream Toys are made for those women. Pink but not too sweet or girly, with a bit of shiny metallic accents but no excessive bling bling, with features that will give these women pleasure and maybe even a new experience! The Sparkling toys offer them what they know they like, plus that little bit of extra that can add a new twist to their pleasure.

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