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31st Dec 2022

New Year’s Eve is filled with superstitions. People will do anything to get a leg up in the new year, including eating certain foods or performing little rituals. But what about the clothes a person wears? Color plays a big role in lots of superstitions, and in some cultures it is recommended to wear particular colors in order to bring about good fortune. This includes the color of underwear you should wear when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve!

So here is a brief overview of the lucky underwear colors you can wear when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.


Romance, Good Luck
It should come as no surprise that red underwear is often worn to bring romance and passion into one’s life. In China, Italy, and Spain, red is also worn for good luck. So basically if you want a love or luck in the new year, red is the color for you.


Wealth and Success, Good Luck
Want extra cash and an accomplishment or two? Wear yellow underwear when ringing in the new year to help improve your bank account and other successes. Alternatively, some cultures also wear yellow for good luck. This is the most popular underwear color in Latin American countries for NYE. For an extra dose of luck, wear your yellow underwear backwards or inside out.


Peace and Harmony
White is universally known as a symbol for peace, so wear white underwear if you want a little extra serenity in the following year. It is also symbolic of happiness, joy, and rebirth. White is a popular NYE color in Brazil.


Luck in Love, Harmony, and Friendship
To improve your luck, wear pink. Pink underwear will help make you luckier in things like love, finding harmony in your life, and strengthening your friendships.


Nature, Prosperity
The quintessential color of nature, wear green if you want a more natural type of life in the New Year. Some cultures also think green will bring you good fortune since it is the color of money and growth. Either interpretation sounds good to us!


Health, Wellness, Tranquility
The last color, but certainly not the least, wear blue underwear during your new year’s celebrations to improve your health, wellness, and tranquility in the coming year. If you don’t have good health, nothing else matters.

BONUS: Polkadots

The color doesn’t matter as much as the pattern. Wearing polka dots in the Philippines on NYE is a way to increase your chances of prosperity in the new year. This is because the round shape of polka dots resemble coins. 

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